Who knew peonies could talk? Or lilies? Lynne Campbell's do. If the difference between a true artist and a gifted technician is in creating images that speak, Lynne is without a doubt a true artist. ~ Kate McCusker

My love of photography began in childhood— I remember paging with wonder through editions of National Geographic. Finally, at twenty, I took my first photographs overseas using an old Leica lovingly given to me by my father.

Life intervened. But, not long after retiring in 2006, I was invited to caretake a remote property on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. I purchased my first digital camera on my trip north and haven't looked back.

My work is the result of learning from reading, a few classes, and the invaluable experience gleaned from taking thousands of photographs. I am drawn to the natural world—its colors, textures, patterns, visual beauty—and am especially fond of photographs that appear as paintings.

As a big-picture person—and with the world becoming smaller and more accessible daily—I have a keen sense of the dark side of life on the planet. Yet, with camera in hand, my eye goes, instead, to what around us is beautiful, whimsical, exquisitely rendered. For me, experiencing the world through the photographic process is both meditation and renewal.